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Innovative solutions to manage open and protected data and geospatial content

Innovative solutions for geographic data management

Our web-based applications make it easy to manage, visualize and share geographic data.

Whether you collect geodata for a specific project, or need this data for your business processes, GeoCat offers the tools you need to manage your information efficiently.

Further with
open source

Together we aim for open source: the implementation of infrastructure for managing and sharing spatial (open) data and metadata.

Focus on 
the core

No need to worry about keeping software and servers for spatial data up to date. Your organization can focus on what you are good at.


GeoCat products and applications integrate seamlessly with the most common GIS applications. Choose the best of both worlds.


Rijkswaterstaat and GeoCat for a safe and sustainable infrastructure

GeoCat’s software helps Rijkswaterstaat run and manage their geospatial infrastructure. GeoCat Bridge is used to bridge between the GIS Desktop and the Server Infrastructure. This means that specific knowledge about creating standards compliant geospatial services and metadata is no longer necessary. With GeoCat Bridge, Rijkswaterstaat offers its employees a tool with which they can easily create web based services.

Geographic data is an important part of Rijkswaterstaat’s activities, and its efficient use is crucial for realizing their mission to provide The Netherlands with a safe, sustainable and future-proof infrastructure.


Dutch National Georegistry is powered by GeoCat Live

The Dutch National Georegistry – NGR is built and operated on the basis of GeoCat Live to make geospatial datasets, services and maps of The Netherlands findable.

A user-friendly and flexible interface has been developed for the register in collaboration with the Kadaster (the Dutch national mapping agency). This interface is widely used by our customers, at province level, by water authorities and national ministries.

Which GeoCat software solution works best for your business?

GeoCat Live

Describe, publish and store spatial data without management worries.

Complete central managed SDI solution

Subscription based services

Includes GeoCat Bridge

Includes GeoCat Find and GeoCat Map

Security patches

Load balancing, caching and backup

GeoCat Find

Manage and edit data from this versatile catalog application.

Professional support

Fully customizable

Security patches

Open standards

Open Source

5 years support

GeoCat Map

Instant access to feature and raster data, and cloud deployment.

Professional support

Security patches

Open standards

Open Source

5 years support

GeoCat Bridge

Publish data with one click from your GIS desktop.

QGIS™ and ArcGIS Pro™ extension

Symbology conversion

Publish data and metadata

Includes a Metadata Editor

Validate against standards

Load your data into PostGIS

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