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Consultancy by our team of experts

Our team of experts will support you so you can focus on sharing the best possible data.

Empowering governments and organisations

GeoCat supports governments to create and maintain their Spatial Data Infrastructure. Our solutions are based on international standards and proven open source software.

We will help you to effectively implement your system, as we have done for many customers before.

Extensive SDI experience

Our team has extensive experience in developing Spatial Data Infrastructures.


Expert advice on usage and implementation of open standards and directives like ISO, OGC, GDPR and INSPIRE.


Quick access to spatial maps, (open) data and metadata at any time and from any device.


Comprehensive training and professional support

Expert training

GeoCat provides training on GeoNetwork, GeoCat Bridge and related opensource geospatial technologies, including GeoServer, MapServer, GeoNode, PostGIS, QGIS and OpenLayers, among others.

Training can take place at your favourite location around the globe or at our office in Bennekom, The Netherlands. Our office is connected to the national airport by train. Also, several options for accomodation are available.

Once in a while individuals can join our trainings. Feel free to contact us on the options available. We also recommend you to visit one of the OSGeo events where we frequently offer workshops and presentations for free.

Quick response support

GeoCat offers professional support on services, software and solutions. If you have questions or issues, you can be sure that our Technical Support Team is there and will assist you to resolve your issues quickly.

Committed and responsible

We are a committed and responsible software company. Our developers are experts on their field, leading the development and evolution of open software, standards and directives all over the world. When working with us, you make sure you will get the best state of the art experience.

Want to learn more about our solutions?

For questions about our products and solutions, please contact us.
Our team is ready to assist you.