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Discover geospatial data with ease

Work with the most used geospatial data catalog, backed by our development and support.

Outstanding catalog application for managing information

GeoCat Find is a leading catalog application based on open, international standards and has a focus on open and protected data and geospatial content. It is a feature rich tool that supports metadata editing and management.

Its advanced publishing and search options, as well as an intuitive and highly customizable user interface, allow you to easily find and share relevant data and services across multiple catalogs.


The highest quality catalog system for geospatial and non-geospatial data to run in production systems, making open source work for enterprise customers.


Latest stable applicaton complemented with the best support in the industry by the most experienced experts.

Tailored to 
your needs

GeoCat Find includes a host of options that allow you to configure the software to your needs.


GeoCat Find is your path to success in creating and managing a catalog for both geospatial and non-geospatial resources.



Solid development and support

Having your own team work on free and open source software development can be time consuming and resource heavy. Your team may not be familiar with the intricacies of the technologies, tools, or processes used. The expert in your team moves jobs or your staff resources are otherwise limited. GeoCat takes care of the development, security and support while your team can focus on using the software.

GeoCat cares about enabling customers to work with the proven GeoNetwork opensource software effectively and undisturbed.

Under the product name GeoCat Find, GeoCat provides you with an Enterprise License Agreement, in which we provide regular well tested and documented software updates, security patches, a support team, as well as training, documentation and consultancy to effectively setup a catalog application in your Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Comply with directives

Create View Services with related metadata that complies to ISO, OGC, INSPIRE, and DCAT specifications.

Long term support

By having up to 5 years life-cycle support, you can guarantee your application stays safe and secure at all times.

to your needs

GeoCat Find offers many configuration options to tailor the software according to your requirements.

For several communities we offer customized releases which include; thesauri, map projections, background maps and skins. Verify with the team for the options to include a thematic flavour for your community.

Additionally, GeoCat Find comes with a selection of optional metadata profiles for specific use cases (schema-plugins).

High reliability without the headaches

GeoCat Find is also available as a hosted service. It is a core component of our GeoCat Live offering.

Experience peace of mind with our seamless solution, offering consistent reliability over time, all without the hassle of managing a server infrastructure.

Entrust the operation of your catalog (and map) services to the experts at GeoCat. Rest assured, your services are in capable hands.

A premium service on top of the leading open source geospatial catalog application


Empowering RIVM with Integrated GDPR Compliance Solution

GeoCat significantly aided RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) by developing a plug-in for GeoNetwork, enabling the integration of GDPR compliance into their existing data management system. This solution allowed RIVM to centrally manage all datasets, including those containing personal information, ensuring visibility and accessibility across the organization.

By leveraging the GeoNetwork extension, RIVM streamlined GDPR compliance, reduced data management risks, and promoted adherence to data protection rules without the need for additional tools.

Frequently asked questions

If you have further questions after reading our FAQ, feel free to send us a message or schedule a call with our support team.

What is GeoCat Find, and how does it differ from the underlaying community version?

GeoCat Find is a commercial distribution of GeoNetwork opensource offered by GeoCat, providing advanced features, support, and services tailored for enterprise users. Unlike the community version, GeoCat Find includes long-term support, enhanced security features, direct access to our experts and customized solutions to meet specific enterprise needs. It also focusses on both non-geospatial and geospatial data.

What support services are available?

GeoCat offers onboarding, quarterly consultation and up to 5 years of life-cycle support. Furthermore we pro-actively monitor and resolve vulnerabilities, inform customers of mitigation procedures and more.

A support desk is available for questions and issues.

Can GeoCat customize my software package?

Yes, we can customize GeoCat Find for you to match your Organisation’s style guide, integrate with your authentication services as well as metadata schema requirements. GeoCat Find is delivered as a preconfigured package that directly integrates with your release management procedures.

Is GeoCat Find available as a hosted service?

Aside from an on-premise solution, GeoCat Find is also available as a hosted service. It is a core component of our GeoCat Live offering.

What’s included in GeoCat Find

GeoCat Find can be adapted to your needs and is renewed yearly to ensure you always have immediate access to our team of experts as well as our latest, tested, stable updates.

GeoCat Find

Enjoy complete comfort and peace of mind.

Unlimited number of installations on premises

5 years life-cycle support*

Response time (business hours): 0.5 day

Setup support / Strategic Consultation: Quarterly

Release format: WebArchive

Source code available

Support**: Two dedicated contacts + Support desk

Resolution time***: 3 days

25% discount on Enterprise Consultation

Preconfigured: Included

* Patch releases are incremental. Patch releases will be available for any of the supported major releases
** Response times are limited to European Business hours (8.00AM to 5.30PM CET)
*** Issues classified as ‘critical’ are eligible for resolution. Other issues will be delegated to the community project
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