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The GeoCat team had a rewarding experience attending the Open Standard and Open Source Software code sprint near Lausanne. This was a joint Apache / OSGeo / OGC activity.

We would like to thank our hosts for their hospitality and amazing food selection.

geonetwork-open source sprint

The code sprint afforded an opportunity to discuss, plan and inspire the geonetwork team with ideas for the future.

A hot topic of discussion was a roadmap challenge: planning the migration from AngularJS to Angular.

Really it was good to see everyone working productively and enthusiastic about what comes next.

geoserver open standard sprint 

GeoCat is quite excited by the new suite of open geospatial standards being developed by the OGC.

GeoServer has been making progress on implementing these OGCAPI  standards for some time with the work occurring as “community modules” until such time as they are ready for review and publication. The challenge is that until these standards are complete; the implementation is subject to change and not stable to share with the public for review and testing.

To address this gap, the code sprint covered two improvements:

The first activity was to split the ogcapi modules into individual downloads. This allows modules that are ready, like ogcapi-features, to be finalized without waiting on standards that are still in progress.

The second activity was to make it much easier to tryout ogcapi services with a docker image available for each nightly build:

docker pull docker.osgeo.org/geoserver:2.24.x
docker run -it -p8080:8080 \   --env INSTALL_EXTENSIONS=true \   --env COMMUNITY_EXTENSIONS="ogcapi-features" \   docker.osgeo.org/geoserver:2.24.x

Go on give it a go 🙂

features 1.0.1 service

ogcapi-features 1.0.1


This improves on the manual process of downloading a nightly build; and manually installing an extension. We hope these changes will help more people tryout ogcapi services and provide feedback and improvements.

It is a privilege to work on these activities on behalf of our GeoCat Live and GeoServer Enterprise customers.